Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age as of the date you submit your application to potentially participate on the reality-based program currently entitled “Songland” (the “Program”). If you are not at least eighteen (18) years of age as of the date you submit your application to potentially participate on the Program (or of majority age in your state of residence), then your parent or guardian must sign where indicated on at the end of this document.
  2. You must be (a) a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States with a valid Social Security or tax identification number; or (b) be legally present in the United States and meet all requirements under United States immigration law and applicable tax law(s) permitting you to participate in all Program elements, to accept any money or prizing in connection with the Program, and to satisfy contract options as may be applicable in connection with the Program, as determined by Live Animals, Inc. (“Producer”), NBCUniversal Media, LLC (“Network”), and any entity holding such contract option(s) in its or their sole discretion. Without limitation of the foregoing, certain elements in connection with the Program, including, without limitation, prizing or contract options, may require you to have permission to work under federal, state, or other applicable laws (e.g. a valid O or P visa, other work authorization or status, or a minor’s work permit). Documentation of the foregoing will be required in advance of your participation in the Program or in such elements, if any, upon the request of Producer or others. 
  3. You are not currently, nor do you currently intend to be, a candidate for public office, and if there is any change in this representation prior to the initial exhibition of the Program in which you appear, you must immediately notify NBCUniversal (as defined below) at ReportingCandidacy@nbcuni.com. Becoming a candidate before or around the time of the initial exhibition of the Program may under certain circumstances have legal implications on the exhibitor’s ability to exhibit the Program.
  4. Producer and NBCUniversal (as defined below) reserve the right to render ineligible any person or business who either of them determines, in the sole discretion of either of them, is sufficiently connected with the production, administration, judging, or distribution of the Program, such that his/her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety. In making this decision, Producer and NBCUniversal may consider whether you know or have known anyone who is, or has been within the last two (2) years, an employee, officer, director or agent of any of the following:
    1. Producer or any other person or entity involved in the development, production, distribution or other exploitation of the reality-based program currently entitled “Songland” (the “Program”) or any variation thereof;
    2. NBCUniversal Media, LLC or any of its parent, subsidiary or affiliated entities, including, without limitation, its broadcast networks and studios, cable networks and studios, film businesses, digital businesses, parks and resorts (collectively, “NBCUniversal”) (for more information about NBCUniversal businesses, please visit http://corporate.comcast.com or http://www.nbcuni.com);
    3. Any sponsor of the Program or its advertising agency; or
    4. Any person or entity supplying goods, services or prizes (as applicable) to the Program.

Please list any such relationships here; if none, write “None.” If you become aware of any such relationships after completing this application, please immediately notify Producer in writing.

  1. If you are selected as a potential participant you must execute waivers, release agreements, or other agreements required by Producer and NBCUniversal or any of their licensees, successors or assigns. Such agreements may include, without limitation, one or more agreements relating to terms and conditions relating to your appearance on and participation in the Program and music submitted by you or otherwise used in connection with the Program.
  2. If you are selected as a participant, you will need to be available to the production for approximately four (4) weeks (possibly longer or shorter) sometime between on or about September 1, 2019, through and including on or about October 15, 2019 (actual dates subject to change in Producer’s sole discretion), and be willing to travel to the Los Angeles, California area (and possibly other locations) as part of production.
  3. In accordance with applicable laws, any offer to become a participant may be conditioned upon your submission to a background check and physical and psychological examinations to be conducted at a location to be determined by Producer by medical professionals (selected by and paid for by Producer) and the certification of the medical professionals that you meet all physical and psychological requirements. You must be willing to submit medical information to the production, and you must be willing to submit to a medical examination, psychological examination, and background check.
  4. You acknowledge and understand that if you elect to submit original music, including original music, musical compositions and recordings you have written, co-written, developed and/or performed, in connection with your application (“Original Music”), and if you are selected to be a participant on the Program, you give the Released Parties (as defined in Paragraph 11 below) a non-exclusive perpetual, royalty-free license to use the Original Music in and in connection with the Program, including the development, production, distribution, advertising, promotion, exhibition or other exploitation of the Program, throughout the universe (and if you do not hold all rights in or to the Original Music, you agree to notify Producer immediately and cause each co-writer of the Original Music to execute all waivers, release agreements, documents or other agreements relating to the exploitation of the Original Music to the same extent you have granted such rights herein). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you will be entitled to receive any royalties payable by ASCAP, BMI or any such similar organization, which are payable directly by such organizations to you, provided that you are a member of a performing rights organization. You grant to Producer the right to grant direct source licenses to any exhibitor or distributor of the Program or of promotions for the Program if such exhibitor or distributor does not have blanket public performance licenses. Other than this license, you will retain all of your rights to Original Music throughout the casting application process. If you are asked and choose to enter into further agreements as described in Paragraph 5 above, the terms of those agreements will apply thereafter.

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